“1 Viceversa”


“1 Viceversa” is for those who were children in the 80s and 90s as well as for those who are children today, in the 2020s. For it is in a way the story of all of us: that of a child growing up in a changing world, of a viewpoint that rises to the level of an adult. It is the story of a child who becomes a parent and watches his child grow up in a world that is no longer the same.
“1 Viceversa” is a series of 12 scenes from everyday life, in 12 different contexts, from the 1980s and 1990s to the present day. Over the pages and over time, fashions, concerns, habits and everything that makes up our everyday environment change…

The illustrations follow one another and enclose in each of them a multitude of details that will offer adults a real journey through time to share with children. Children will recognise many objects from their daily lives in the pages specific to the 2020s, thus providing a great opportunity to develop their sense of observation and, for the youngest, their language and vocabulary.

“1” is a book without text but not without a story, a book of exchange and transmission, to be read together and kept for future generations!


Illustrated by

Catherine Cordasco

Curated by

Stefania Agostini
and Luca Mostarda,