3 Désordres/Disordini

“3” is a journey to discover the design and architecture of intimacy, of this world made by and for adults and brought down to the level of children.

In this book, Agnès Hostache gathers images of interiors evoking the lives of others and forming a captivating narrative, accompanied by the texts of Maxime Gueugneau, written in French and translated into Italian.

Each text and each drawing call for the next, linked by various familiar elements: clothes, everyday objects, animals that together form an ordinary disorder that each text strives to organize like a game of dominoes.

Halfway between surrealist poetry and an elegant game of seek-and-find, the young reader will travel through the illustrations and the interiors they present, as so many new worlds to explore.

Agnès Hostache is a draughtswoman trained in applied arts and interior architecture. She has published two graphic novels, “Nagasaki” and “E.1027” (Lézard Noir).

Maxime Gueugneau is an independent journalist in the field of visual arts. He collaborates, among others, with Kiblind, Georges et Graou, Les Arts Dessinés.

The book will be soon available on preorder on our website.

Illustrated by

Agnès Hostache

Curated by

Maxime Gueugneau