Su e giù per le montagne

Irene Penazzi Su e giù per le montagne Terre di Mezzo, 2021 Who among you has never hiked or walked in the forest as a child? “Su e giù per le montagne” (In the mountains), illustrated by Irene Penazzi, is a silent book telling the story of a hike lived by three children, in different […]

A place for everyone

Massimo Caccia C’è posto per tutti Topipittori, 2011 A strange procession moves slowly through the forest, towards one of the oldest tales in the world. It is the story of Noah’s ark revisited by Massimo Caccia in “A place for everyone”, published by Topipittori (2011). Page after page, the animals with big disbelieving eyes and […]

Des trucs comme ci, des trucs comme ça

Bernadette Gervais, Des trucs comme ci, des trucs comme ça Editions Les Grandes Personnes, 2021 In the world arranged by Bernadette Gervais, the stainless steel frying pan and the diamond are together because they shine in the same way. The popcorn and the kangaroo both belong in the category of things that jump, and the […]

Les Intrus

Bastien Contraire, Les intrus Editions Albin Michel Jeunesse (2016) The book of the month is “Les Intrus” by Bastien Contraire published in 2016 by Albin Michel Jeunesse (in 2017 by Editions Clichy for Italy). Bastien Contraire collects boards filled with pink and green drawings, which look a bit like the pages of “lessons of things” […]