Bacàn Print – A3


To accompany the publication of Matita’s second book, “WOW”, curated and illustrated by the duo Venice in Pattern, Matita proposes an illustration extracted from the book printed in A3 format on Favini Alga Shiro paper.

This illustration depicts Bacàn beach, along the shores of the island of Sant’Erasmo in the Venice Lagoon, one of the Venetians’ favourite beaches.

Favini’s Alga paper was created from the algae that proliferated abnormally and plagued the fragile ecosystem of the Venice Lagoon. The algae particles are visible on the surface and give a unique natural appearance. Alga Carta is FSC certified, recyclable and biodegradable!


Illustrated by

Venice in Pattern

Printed on paper:

Favini Alga Shiro 300Gr