Set of 3 A5 risographs WOW


To accompany the publication of Matita’s second book, “WOW”, edited and illustrated by the duo Venice in Pattern, Matita proposes 3 illustrations taken from the book printed in limited edition risograph.

They represent some of the urban and iconic elements of the city of Venice: the greenhouse in the Venice gardens, Peggy Guggenheim’s glasses and the boots of acqua alta.

What is Risograph all about?

Risograph is characterised by a very specific aesthetic based on the superimposition of colours. It lies somewhere between screen printing and offset printing. Each risograph print is unique and offers a handcrafted result.

Moreover, the risograph is an environmentally friendly device. RISO technology is based on a cold printing process that consumes very little energy and all inks used are entirely soy-based and solvent-free.

Our risographs are printed on Favini’s Crush paper, an environmentally friendly paper made from 100% recycled fibres and green energy, which reduces its environmental impact.

Realized by :

Venice in Pattern

Printed on :


15×21 cm
Favini Crush Mais 200gr