1 + 2 + 3


Narrative stories or playful books, “1”, “2”, “3”, the first three publications by Matita, feature a variety of illustrations and share the intention of promoting dialogue and communication between children and adults.

“1 Viceversa” by Stefania Agostini and Luca Mostarda (AMArchitectrue), illustrated by Catherine Cordasco

The story of a child’s growth through memorable scenes of daily life from the 1980s to the 2020s, when he also becomes a parent. 40 years of history, from the bedroom to the kitchen, from the streets to the school hallways, from the train station to the swimming pool, the illustrations follow one another, each containing a multitude of details that will offer adults a true journey through time to share with children.

“2 WOW” by Venice in Pattern

Twenty-four shapes and twenty-four illustrations to (re)discover the city of Venice from a new perspective, through architectural, urban, natural, and iconic elements. Shapes taken as patterns, dotting the environment almost invisibly. Finding and recognizing them in Venice is a delightful game for children.

“3 Disordini” by Agnès Hostache and Maxime Gueugneau

In this book, Agnès Hostache gathers images of interiors that evoke the lives of others, along with texts by Maxime Gueugneau, written in French and translated into Italian. Each text and drawing refer to the next, linked by various familiar elements: clothes, everyday objects, animals that together form an ordinary disorder that each text tries to organize like a game of dominoes.

Complimentary: a set of 4 “Contemporary Venice” postcards, illustrated by Catherine Cordasco, to send to friends and relatives during your next stay in Venice!

Shipping on the first days of September 2024!